EIFFEL Travel and Tourism Agency

works in all travel sectors, whether local or International, and in most tourism aspects internal or external. It had been established to offer distinguished and better services in respect of the normal criteria for services in this field.


The vision of our Institution is to provide the best possible services to customers. We had started where the others had stopped so that we may occupy the first place in the field of offering travel and tourism services, and that was what had actually happened, because our vision was how to offer the best services in the shortest time possible.

Our Motto anti Goals

Our motto is based on high quality criteria in the field of travel and tourism, not only the local ones, but actually all the International pivots set by houses of expertise and quality in this respect.

As for our goal, it is merely the satisfaction of our clients! This is something which harmonizes with our vision and with our unique distinction in offering our services around the clock! seven days a week.

The facilities available now in Sudan are really great and its economy is accelerating at an astonishing speed. It consequently follows that we have to keep up with the development going around in the country, and to efficiently meet our clients’ needs.

We offer services of visas, tourism and medical treatment abroad under the trade name “Eiffel Agency for Travel and Tourism” . On the other hand, we offer booking and ticket services under the trade name of “Alshahd for Travel”. This we did in aim of applying a kind of specialization in any field and to achieve the highest degree of efficiency.